Wheel Alignment

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We have partnered with Hunter for both: the wheel balance and the wheel alignment machines, we have state of the art equipment, the best in the industry in terms of productivity and accuracy. Only the elite high end tyre shops may have such machines within the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Wheel Balance:

With experienced technicians and using the latest balancing equipment from Hunter, your tyres can be balanced to precision and vibration problems are solved for once and for all. We can identify, evaluate and eliminate nearly all possible tyre related vibration causes.

Using the cutting edge option of road force, we simulate a highly excessive road force test to assist in detecting tyre uniformity and take appropriate corrective actions. We are very proud to say that within 2019, Rhinotire Bahrain eliminated customers coming back for tyre rebalance after fixing new tyres.

Wheel Alignment:

Regular vehicle alignment checks and adjustments can prevent irregular tyre wear and unnecessary stress on customers’ vehicle, saving time and unnecessary expenses. With this service, vehicle shall not be pulling to the left or the right and experiencing a crooked steering wheel. It is highly recommended that, you check your wheel alignment within Bahrain every 15,000 Kilometers or 12 months, whichever comes first.

At Rhinotire Bahrain, we perform wheel alignment health check faster than any other shop that uses traditional machines. In just around 120 seconds, we can perform wheel alignment reading! The results are available in a very easy to read format with the aid of graphics and showing any misalignmentthus, eliminating uncomfortable technical conversations with our customers. Our team then recommend appropriate actions and corrective solutions.

Our wheel alignment software and database is frequently updated with the latest cars’ manufacturers original wheel alignment configurations. We deal with all sort of wheel alignment issues such as toe, camber and caster. The time needed for wheel alignment adjustment vary and depends on the degree of misalignment as well as on the type of car. Around 60% of the cars take an average of 15 to 30 minutes. Our team will assess the time needed for wheel alignment and will obtain your approval prior to performing the wheel alignment task.

Ebrahim is our technical lead for wheel alignment Bahrain and he has been working in the field for more than 18 years. He has been part of Rhinotire family since 2018 and the customers love him. Ebrahim always goes the extra mile to perform customers wheel alignment in Bahrain and he almost knows the configuration by heart. Whether the required is toe wheel alignment, camber or caster adjustments, Ebrahim has an in-depth knowledge of cars suspension coupled with the latest high end Hunter wheel alignment Bahrain equipment; he will ensure it is performed with precision. He would advice if additional tools or kits are required to perform camber wheel alignment and will provide illustrations with options.

If you are looking for wheel alignment in Bahrain, get in touch and we will sort you out!